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 Dale&Marion.JPG (60680 bytes)
 Dale and Marion

Grampa  Fitzhugh Feb. 29, 2002
He finally has his digital camera!
 Great work Dad! 
Your photo turned out great!


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My Family

jennBikeOutfit.jpg (10417 bytes)

Jenny in her new
 bike team outfit.

FIONAONTHEBEACH.jpg (29082 bytes)

Summer 2001

Play the Game


Dale&Marion2.jpg (141240 bytes)

Good Morning Daughter.
I am still learning how to use my digital camera, and this my latest lesson.
I just took this picture about 10 minutes ago. I am now putting it in this E-mail.
I hope you like it.
I am really having fun with this, and unless you tell me to stop you will be getting these pictures often.
Love You.    Dad


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