Chani's Cheats for The 4th Coming

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Ravens Dust

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Arakas Quests


 RD Quests

This is how I got from Arakas to Ravens Dust when I was level 25.

  1. Go talk to the old hermit. You find him in the brigands cave. You must do the Trust Quest first. Say the key word "wizardry" .

  2. He will tell you to go to Windhowl and speak to the wizard Liurn Clarn. 

  3. The wizard will need gold so you can't be poor when you speak to him. 

  4. Tell the wizard "I want to go to Raven's Dust".   Make sure you type the word "Raven's Dust" correctly.  The wizard then teleports you to RD.

Arakas Quests in More Detail:

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Shield Quest    

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