GTPA officially became a non-profit corporation in June of 1987, for the purpose of providing a means of affordable flying for members in the Grand Traverse Area. The association was started by 9 charter members and has grown to a current membership of 25. Our future goals are continued growth in members and aircraft as financial feasibility permits.


Currently we have 2 planes. One is a PA-28-180, Cherokee D,  and one is a 1970 Cessna 182N (purchased in 1999). Both aircraft are based at Cherry Capital Airport in the West Tee hangers. The Cherokee is equipped with dual NAV-COMS with glide slope, three light marker beacon, yoke mounted moving map GPS, transponder with mode C, four place intercom with a pair of headsets. The engine and propeller in the Cessna 182 were replaced in 2003.


The most important benefit is the lower cost of flying available to association members. Our hourly rates for members is less than comparable aircraft rented locally. Rates are calculated by Tach time vs. Hobbs (standard at F.B.O.'s). Members have a voice in aircraft maintenance and upgrades. Insurance is carried for both aircraft and liability by the Association. It also covers members when they do rent aircraft from F.B.O.'s. Members own a share in the aircraft, that have, in recent years, been appreciating or holding their value.