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Simply put, Pippins is a full service Restaurant with one simple specialty: making occasions that involve food special. At Pippins, when we say "full service Dining," we mean exactly that. You can call on us for virtually any event and every level of food and service. We can help get a morning meeting, or that special lunch off to a delicious start, to planning and executing a Private Dinner party that involves a full course, sit-down dinner , or just a hot cup of coffee. Pippins can handle it all. So you can have that quiet lunch or dinner with family or friends, secure in the knowledge that all of the culinary details of your important occasion will be meticulously tended to.

Pippins Restaurant

Short of letting you actually taste our food, it's hard to convey the appeal of our menu offerings - let alone the style of their presentation. For your dining pleasure, Pippins features a variety of  breakfast, lunch and dinner options. And our cuisine with comfort meals let you mix and match from the broad palette of appetizers, salads, homemade soups, entrees, and "made from scratch" desserts that you'll find on our Breakfast menu, Lunch menu, Dinner menu, and also the Lighter side.  In addition, if you require it to go, our entire menu is available.  We can supply the works - with a friendly smile.

Who We Are

A success since 1987, Pippins is the brainchild of two former owners - Barbara  and Maggie Bates -who came to Michigan from California some years ago. Their move to Boyne City is where Pippins was born. The restaurant is now owned by Mr. Jeff Anderson of Cincinnati Ohio. and managed by Mrs. Nancy Baxter who in the tradition of the Bates, is always in the kitchen overseeing, measuring, testing and perfecting the menu items that are all made from scratch." It's important to watch what you eat, and what goes into something you eat," says Nancy.  Although not a purist about it we use the freshest vegetables, fruits and meats we can buy without chemicals and preservatives. The results are delectable and purely artful in their presentation. Plump imaginative - filled omelets, a house favorite, "Chicken pie" and our famous Lemon Pie . Creative cooking at a fair price is what Pippins stands for. " I guess you could call it comfort cooking ."


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