Stone of Life

This page will contain information about getting the stone of life in two different ways

Once you find the Druids/Stonehenge, go talk to the NPC's until you find a character named Yrian Earthsong.   Name and work, you know the routine!!! (should by now)  He begins by telling you that the forest is your friend and mentions something about a Stone of Life and if it fell into the wrong hands, disaster would be upon us.

This is where it gets interesting, if you say Stone of Life twice to him, he will tell you that it's been stolen but you need to say stone of life once, then hit the enter key, then say it again for him to say it's been stolen.

He also mentions that an Orc might have it.  You then proceed to find the orc which resides in Jarko's Lair/cave.  This can be found on our map.  He is down there, don't worry about it.  You just have to find him.

Ask him about the Stone of Life and he will say that he had it but... a troll stole it from him.  Now you go to the troll, kill the orc if you want, he might drop something of use to you.

Seek out the troll and talk to him, say stone of life and he will say that he likes shiny rocks.  Now for this, you need to have a diamond.  Say diamond to him and he exchanges the stone for the diamond.  Okay, now you're set.  You go back to Yrian Earthsong and give him the stone for which he thanks you and in return gives you a Twisted Staff.


When Yrian Earthsong tells you the stone has been stolen, go to Assar, the theif and ask him about the stone.   He will say that he stole it from a stupid troll and will see it to you for $1000.  I find this to be the easier of the two ways to get the stone and the staff.

This, like a few other quests is timed so when you begin, don't stop to talk to your friends.  Remember that Earthsong says that the stone is only good for so long then it loses it's power and he makes a new one!!