The Letter Quest

When you reach level 4/5, you may be ready to tackle this quest but since the world is so large and many a monster are looking to make your journey a short one, I would strongly suggest that you wait until you reach a safer level of 7/8 but the choice is yours.

The quest begins by going in to house in the southern part of Lighthaven where you have to take to a "person" by the name of Kirlor Dhul.  Get him talking to you by saying name and work. Yes, these are the usual keywords.

Say merchants to him and he will talk about troubles and problems, then he will ask you if you are willing to carry a report. Upon answering yes to him, he gives you the letter.

You must take the letter to either the weapons dealer or the armor dealer and say letter to either one of them. They will sign the letter which now becomes a report.

Then off to Windhowl (T2) you go .  Once you get there and have survived the journey, you must then see Lord Sunrock and give him the report.  Do so by saying report to him and he gives you $500.

If by chance the merchants will not sign the letter, it means that there are other people in the game doing the same quest. Just be patient and keep trying them, you will soon have your report to take to Sunrock.

This is a timed quest once the letter is signed so off you go to Windhowl in a hurry!!!!!!!