Okay people, we have reached the milestone of the present day version of T4C.
This being Jarko and his evil grouping of goblin warlords, warchiefs, subchiefs, the Renegade Orc and the most infamous of all athe vial creations, the Griroesh.

Within the hallowed halls of Jarko's Lair  many a tale has been made and heros have been born.  Yes, this is the toughest place to fight in the present day world.

Our goal is to slay Jarko and get his spellbook.  This is not an easy task and therefore, great strength is required.  Once you have successfully killed old Jarko, he will 99/100 times drop his spellbook and maybe another goodie or two.

With spellbook in hand, you can continue to fight on or go and retrive your prize. There are two ways of getting your reward.  The first is to go back to T1 (Lighthaven) and find Araknor who is generally found around the back of the temple near the well.  Say spellbook to him and he will give you something for it.

The reward is a random item and may or maynot be useful to you.  The second is to give the spellbook to Lord Sunrock who is also seeking the spellbook.   Once again, the reward may vary according to a ramdom preset variable.

As always, there are always exceptions to every "rule" and you can try your own way of proceeding with any item you may find.