Ravens Dust Quests:

Baldric Silverknife (Pig Quest)
Talk to Baldric Silverknife in t3. He will give you an assignment to kill 10 pigs. The pigs are located at a farm inside t3. Do that, get back to him and he will give you another assignment.

The next assignment is to talk to Doremas in t3. Say Grimish to him. He will tell you about Grimish the goblin. Find Grimish and say "Doremas" to Grimish and he will ask you to play with him -- Solve a riddle. The answer to the riddle is "nothing". Grimish will tell you a password : 'Alliance is renewed'. Go back to Doremas and say "Grimish" to him again. He will ask you to say the password to Silverknife. Once you tell Silverknife the password you get up to 70000 xp.  Exp varies depending on your level.

Death Jester Quest
In the Palace, locate an NPC named Samuel.  Say to him "Death Jester".  He will tell you a story and give you an assignment to go kill the Death Jerster.  In the Palace Dungeon, you will find the Death Jester.  You must kill him alone.  Will not work if you have help.  However, you can be healed while fighting.  Once you kill him, take the Jerster's Head he drops.  Go back to Samuel and say "Death Jester" again.  He will award you a Scarab Protector and 30,000 exp.

Blade of Sharpness Quest
In the Palace, locate an NPC named Tobias.  He is a mage near the Palace Dungeon.  Say to him "Book of Warfare", and then "yes".  He will sell you a book of warfare.  Take the book to an NPC named Adrian, in the Training Building.  To her say "Book of Warfare".  She will ask if you wish to trade it for the Blade of Shapeness.  Say "yes".  You now have the BoS

Goblin Slayer Quest
You must kill or have killed 2500 goblins.

Eyepatched Qados drops Rhodar's hammer.  He looks like a Raider and can be found by taking the west gate, going north.  1st intersection, go north, same as our normal paths.  Next intersection, go west (left) to deadend.  He roams that dirt patch there.

After you get the hammer, take it to Rhodar, the T3 Weapon's Dealer.  Keyword:  Hammer.  Reward:  8,000 exp, 3500 gold and the Goblin Slayer

Gem Quest
In the Druid Village, locate an NPC named Darius Moonglow.  Say to him "gems".  You will need to have all 4 gems.  Green, yellow, blue and red.  Reward:  Nature's Garb

Rogue Mage Quest
In the Palace, locate an NPC named Chamberlain Thomar.  Say to him "audience" and then "quest".  He will ask you to go kill 10 Rogue Mages near the castle in 30 minutes.  After you kill the mages, go back and say "quest" again.  Reward:  Audience with the King

Invasion of the Castle
(Recruit Quest)
In the Palace, locate an NPC named Mordrick Warstone.  Say to him "recruit", then "yes", then "report".  He will give you a task to kill 15 Demon Trees.  Kill the trees, come back to him, say "report".
Reward: Varied amount of experience - level dependent?

Now he wants you to go find the Orc Leader, Ghundarg Rumblefoot.  He lives in a house in the Orc Camp.  Mordrick wants to know what their plans are. Kill Rumblefoot and he will speak at the end.  You will receive the plans in your backpack.  Go back to Mordrick and "report".  He will ask you to go get the plans translated.
Reward:  Experience of varying amounts - level dependent?

Go find Arrowmist near the tarantula pond area. Ask him to translate the plans.  He will charge you 5000 gold.  Now go "report" back to Mordrick.  Reward:  Tower Shield

Orchish Wristbands
You will need to find 2 antelope skins.  Take them to Arrowmist.  He is an NPC that wanders around NW of Tarantula Lake (Spider pond).  Keyword is:  "Antelope Skins".
Reward:  Dandelion Leaves and 2500 experience.

Go to Spider pond and get 2 sets of Tarantula Eyeballs.  Take them and the Dandelion Leaves to Rumblefoot in the Orc Camp.  Say:  Work.  Answer as need be.
Reward:  4000 experience and Orcish Wristbands.

Rumblefoot wants a human foot.  In order for him to take the human foot, you will need to also do the first part at the same time.  After you get wristbands, say "Human Foot".
Reward:  13000 experience.

Lizard Skin Boots
Gather Blue Cohosh, Woody Nightshade and Witch Hazel.  Take them to Blackrose (house near temple).  Say "work" and then "ingredient".
Reward:  Lizard Skin Boots and 8000 experience.

Bloodstone Ring
You will need to gather Woody Nightshade and Black Snakeroot.  Take these to Grey Leaf (Daemon Tree directly east of spider pond near large dirt patch).  Talk to Grey Leaf.
Reward:  2500 experience and a Bloodstone Ring
Note:  After you do the quest, you can kill Grey Leaf and he will give you Belladona Berries.

Kraanian Egg
On Arakas, find a Kraanian egg by killing Millipedes.  Take the egg to Zhakar in the Mage Tower in the Silversky Mountains.  Keyword:  Egg.  He will tell you that he will hatch your egg and your reward will come in time.  You have to level twice.  You will also have to give him the Mana Rod.
Reward:  75,000 Exp and Etheral Amulet

Staff of Mana (Mana Rod)
Go to Deepone Cave and find the "special" deepone.  Kill him.  As he dies, he will tell you that he gave the rod to an Old Wizard.  You will get a "note" in your backpack.  Go to see Starbolt in the castle.  Keyword:  Deepone.  He will "sell" you the Staff of Mana for 32,000 gold.

Blood Dagger Quest
Gather a Manastone and Blue Cohosh.  Go to Bane's Castle and speak with Blackblood.  He will tell you that you need to kill Delwobble first.  Kill Delwoble and return to Blackblood.  (Keywords are unkown since I haven't done it yet.)  May do over and over.
Reward:  Blood Dagger and experience

Cape of Fire Resistence
Get the Blood dagger (above) and a gleaming shard.  Take both to Baldric Silverknife.  Keyword:  Drum.  Get the Drum, take it to Thorbin in the t3 Bar.  Keyword:  Bladric.  May do over and over.
Reward:  Cape of Fire Resistence or Empty Beer Mug or Experience

Saving the Little Tree
 Gather 2 Flasks of Crystal Water and take them to Waterbreeze in the Druid Camp.
Reward:  Pouch of Willowbark

Quest for Serious Heal
Menark in the Castle wants a mummy bandage and skeleton bone.  Take them to him.  You can do this quest over and over.
Reward:  Flask of Serious Heal and 7500 experience

Ring of Accuracy
Grimish wants 3 Vampire Batwings.  Keyword:  Count Hemogoblin.  Reward:  6000 exp and Ring of Accuracy

Ring of Faith
Blackguards drop a Golden Chalice.  Take this chalice to a priest in the T3 temple.  Reward:  Ring of Faith

Platinum Ring
by:  Corsair
The quest starts with Aloysius Starbolt. At apparently random intervals he will talk about a magical disturbance to the north that is interfering with his spells (I sense...great disturbance in the Force...sorry, I had to say it, it's required ;). Heading to Orc Town and scouting about Grimish's little house you'll run across an Orc Archmage. He isn't really any harder than your average Orc Battlemage, so unless you are an habitual right-clicker (I used to be, not so much anymore) you may not even notice him until he's dying...he'll speak when he dies, that'll let you know you killed him. Head back to Starbolt, he'll express some surprise that it was a puny Archmage and then he'll reward you with the ring.

The Royal Key Quests
The Good Path

  Undead in Order     Words to Say

1. Find a decrepit figure         "torment"
2. Find a stumbling corpse     "torment" (not a mistake)
3. Find a moaning shadow     "tournament of princes"
4. Find a frail creature          "king of goldmoon"
5. Find a rotting monstrosity   "theodore"
6. Find a pitiful being            "deaths"
7. Find a walling entity          "poisoned"
8. Find a miserable soul         "cursed"
9. Find a foul abominaton      "cuthana"
10. Find a putrid beast           "heal"
11. Find a creeping fiend          "royal doors"
12. Find a loathsome horror     "lower dungeon"

Note: If you don't talk to the zombies in this exact order, then you will have to start from the beginning!

Now, the last zombie, a loathsome horror, is the one that you have to give the 6 Royal Keys to to get through the Royal Doors into the Lower Dungeon where a cuthana herb lies.   Once in this room, there will be an NPC.  He will give you riddles to solve for each of the keys.  Solve the riddles and he will give you the Cuthana herb.  Take the herb back to the castle.  Talk to Delilah.  You will cure Crowbanner and he will go into remission.  While he is in remission, you may learn the spells Healing and Sanctuary.  Also, anyone else around during that time can also learn them.  As of right now, there is nothing for a warrior in this quest.  Am really hoping that changes!

Key #5:  Go see the castle cook, Jon Hamhoo by name. He tells a rather longwinded story about a key and the many numbers of people who have possessed it over the course of time. He ends by saying he thinks it ended with a pair named "Jalir and Kamar". Translated, that leads to Jamar and Kalir, our friendly desert wanderers. Kalir is the first to speak with (he's the one lost in the desert). Says at first that he doesn't have the key and asks that you take a letter to Jamar. Letter delivered, Jamar says Kalir has the key and gives you a return letter for Kalir. After delivering this second letter, Kalir says he gave the key to Morindin Arrowmist in exchange for help the last time he was lost.  You must have high Karma or Arrowmist will not talk to ya or give ya the key .

Key #2:  New!  In the Castle, talk to Terwin.  You will need a pot of Heroism.  (Not sure what ya do yet, as my karma is stuck and can't finish it to write it up.  Am sure that it is easy enough!

Key #3:  Talk to Elysana Blackrose.  Key word "royal key".  If she will not talk, come back when your Karma is better.  She will ask for a flask of bluish liquid.  So, head back to Arakas and do the healing potion quest.  Get the flask and go back to Blackrose.  She will send you to Zhakar.  Saye her name 3 times to him.  He will then ask you a riddle.  Answer: donkey monkey turkey.  You will get key #3

Key #1:  Talk to Celydia in the castle.  Keyword:  Royal key, tehn Reynen.  Now, talk to Laren in the t3 bar.  Takes rather high Karma for this key quest.  He will send you to see Belagan (Adriana's Assistant) in the training center in t3.  He will ask you for a Book of Warfare.  Bring it back. Watch carefully what he says.  He may want another book for Adriana, or he may send you on your way to see Reynen.  Keywoprd for Reynen is Royal Key.  He will tell you it is a chest, locked...or maybe not.  Tells you to go check.  Go check the chest, locked of course.  Go back to him, say royal key and then say chest.  Follow what he says.  He should give you his key now. You will have to keep checking his locked chest until you get key #1.  Note:  It appears that min lev is 55.  And will be checking if spell requirements for wis/intel are also required.

Key #4:  Talk to the barmaid in the t3 bar.  (She only has time to chat at night).  She will send you to see Moonrock in the t1 temple.  She will send you to talk to Bane, in Bane's castle.  Click on Bane, he won't talk to you yet.  Now, go talk to Stoneface.  Keyword:  Bane.  Now you have to go kill Delwobble.  Now go back to Stoneface.  Keyword:  Bane.  Now back to Bane.  Keyword:  Royal Key.  You may have to say it more than once.  I had to say it 6 times before he forked over the key!

Key #6:  Talk to Tobias in the Castle.  He will send you to Waterbreeze in Druid Camp.  She will ask you to answer a question truthfully.  You must.  She asks if you have ever killed a Guardian tree.  If you say yes, she will give you tasks to atone for your wrong doing.  She will then send you to Warstone in the castle.  He will send you to Illusion/Nightblade/Connector Cave.  He wants his Sword of Might back.  You must speak these keywords:  "Make Mine Thy Might" to the well.  The well is next to Reyen's locked chest.  Just click on the well.  You will recieve the sword.  Take it back to Warstone for your key.

After you have received all the keys, go to the last zombie again.  He will teleport you to a special room with Theopold's Specter.  He will ask you riddles. (Answers after the end of quest)

Riddle #1:  What is the center of balance?
Riddle #2:  What happens once in a minute, twice in a moment, once during weekdays but never on a weekend and never ever during a hundred thousand years?
Riddle #4:  One where none or two should be.  Seeking out purity in the King's tree.
Riddle #5:  I am better than eternal life, I am worse than death, dead men eat me, if you eat me, you will die.

Once you answer all 5 riddles, you will be teleported to another dungeon room.  Click on the chest.  The Cuthana herb will appear in your backpack and you will be teleported somewhere near the Crypt.

Now, take the herb back to Delilah, double click her.  You will have a choice of rewards.  The Bishop will now be in remission and you can learn the two spells.  Remember that anyone else can now also.  I recommend you work with another following the evil path.  Have them re-poison him after you finish.  Is a lot of hard work to do this quest and others taking the easy path and running over to learn the spells you earned sort of takes away from the victory of finally getting through all of this!  Be selfish!  You earned it!


Riddle 1:   The letter A
Riddle 2:  The letter M
Riddle 3.  I am stuck here and need some help
Riddle 4.  Unicorn
Riddle 5:  Nothing

Poison Apple Quest (Evil Quest)
By Dominus
In Raven's Dust, talk to Blackrose.  Say "poison".  She will ask for a Sapphire Gem, Wax apple, and Kraanian eyes.  You get the Gem from King Theodore, the eyes from Blackblood and the Wax apple from Samuel.  Take all three back to Blackrose and she will give you the poison apple.  Take the poison apple to Bishop Crowbanner and give it to him to make him sick.
Reward:  Exp and ?

Silver Feather Quest (Evil Quest)
By Dominus
Talk to shadeen after finishing poison apple quest. She will give you a scroll of evil deed.  Give this scroll to a friend and have him talk to Doremas, while you go sit next to Menark in the castle.  Doremas will tell him he needs to open the safe in silversky castle.  To do this he needs to say combination to the folowing people, Rondy (who will make him play a
higher lower game to find the number), Geram (who wants a mug of ale), and Talon Irongaze, who wants a tiger's tooth.  To get the tooth say dragon's tooth to T1 weapons dealer, he will sell you a dragon tooth, take this to the weapon dealer in t3 and he will tell you it's fake, go
talk to the t1 weapon dealer again and he will tell you its a tiger's tooth, which you then take back to Irogaze and get the 3rd number.  After you have the combination you go use it to open the safe.  After you open it don't click on any of the NPCs, page your friend and tell him
your done.  He will need to say chronicles of doom (to Menark), then when asked if he is there to threaten him, say YES.  Since the guards are distracted trying to catch yer partner who opened the safe they will not come to his help, and he will give you the chronicles.  Take
those back to Shadeen for a little exp, and a silver feather, used in the evil path to Stoneheim

The Death of Shadeen(Evil Quest)
Path to Stoneheim
By Asmo
Once you have the Silver feather, you now get to kill Shadeen.  For this task, you will need a Blade of Ruin(BoR).  Go see Damien and say "Shadeen" to him.  Damien will summon some monsters called Shadeen's Masked Assassins.  They will try to kill you.  Go ahead and kill them.  Now you can talk to Damien.  Repeat all the highlighted words he says to you.  You will have to do 3 tasks in order to swear allegiance to him.  First, say Donate to him and he will ask for 50K.  If you say no, you only have to give him 25K.  I said no and gave the 25K. I don't know if it will be different if you give the 50K, but I recommend paying the 50K.  Now say Means to him.  He will tell you about the things you have to do to kill Shadeen.  Now say Token to him.  He will tell you that once you have killed Shadeen, to bring him back a token.  I did not get the token, so that is why I recommend paying him the 50K.  Damien will give you a "tightly-wrapped scroll".  Once you have the BoR, you will need to take it and the scroll to Xanth, so he can enchant it (Not yet though).  Now, you will need to say "visitor" to one of the guys in t3 (The armor guy I think...is NE of the Potion Shop).  Once you  have done this, you will be sent to a lot of NPCs in t3.  Just keep saying "Visitor" to each of these.  Eventually, you will end up at Kiadus.  He'll talk about a strange guy coming to him and selling him an oddly shaped weapon.   He tells you that he knows the strange guy's sister.  Give him some money and he will tell you she is Amandra.  Go talk to Amandra...say Visitor or Sword, can't remember which.  She will tell you that you can now buy the sword (BoR) from Kiadus.   He first jokes and offers it to you for 100,000,000,000 gold.  Say no and then he will sell the BoR to you for 25K. Go back and talk to Amandra again.  She will tell you the BoR is a fake and you have to find her brother (The Visitor) to get the real one.  Find him and say "Blade of Ruin".  He will say to come and get it, so kill him.  You now have the real BoR.  Now you take it and the scroll to Xanth to have it enchanted.  Once he enchants it, it becomes the Elvenbane, a real cheap dagger.  Go kill Shadeen now.  After doing this, go back to Damien and say 'Shadeen'. He will tell you you did a good thing killing Shadeen, but when you say 'reward' to him, he says you still need to kill Shadeen. Maybe you have to get a token first (from who I dunno), before trying to get the reward, but I think the rest of this quest is still incomplete... That's all I know. Good luck all!