Book of Feylor

This is one of the quests which begin with the druids.  The other quests involving the druids will be under the heading Stone of Life.  The druids can be found in our map.

This begins when you talk to Lantilir Rainmist and ask his name and work.   He talks about Yrian Earthsong being the main dude at the druid camp and he has given Lantilir a job/quest.

Lantilir mentions the Ruined City and the Labyrinth.  He has been sent to get the book of Feylor but the monsters are too tough for him to get there. Once again, your services are needed to save the day.

There is no real trick to this quest but you will need an iron key which can be dropped by monsters or found just laying around.

You work you way through the labyrinth which is located in a cave near the Kraanian worker camp.  Once you have gotten out of the Labyrinth, head north towards  Ruined City which is basically just a few run down buildings and you will find a chest there just outside one of the houses which the iron key opens.  Inside this chest is the book of Feylor.

Take the book back to Lantilir and for your reward you will receive a sapphire bracelet.  You might not be able to equip it yet but it is a very good item to have.  It raises you AC and some other stats which I do not recall right now.