The Mark of Balork

So here is the new method of ridding yourself of this vial mark which weakens you.

You go to the 4th level of the dungeon below the temple affectionately known as the newbie dungeon.  You seek out Balork and slay him.  With his dying breathe, he says that you will be damned and will bare his mark for all time.  Not so. There is a way to cleanse your soul.

When you exit the dungeon, you can ask the temple priests about Balork's Brand.  One of them will tell you to seek out a person by the name of Annabelle.   She can be found at the Troll's house.

When you finally get to a high enough level to battle you way up there, talk to Annabelle.  Name, work (you know by now).  Say Balork to her and she will say what a tragedy it is to bear his mark and then tell you to seek the information from an Old Hermit named Theorn Lemnearan who is in exile.  He is located in the Bragand cave.  Yes, the same cave where the Theif Town is.

Go there but there is no hurry at this point.   Talk to him and mention Annabelle.

After this, you go to T2(Windhowl) and find a woman by the name of Mirak Nila.  She is usually wandering around outside the main building where Sunrock is.  Get her talking in the usual way and then say Old Hermit to her.  She is reluctant to talk about it so say it again and again.  Three times that is.  She then confesses and says the old man is her father and is in exile.  He won't talk to you unless you earn his trust which can only be given by her.

Say trust to her and she gives you a Ring of Trust which you then carry over to the old hermit.  Talk to him again but this time you say trust and help to him.  He then talks up a storm.  He says the theif who talks about flying boots is crazy.  He also mentions that there is a High Priestess Delilah who is the daughter of King Theodore XIII.  They reside in a place called Raven's Dust. 

Here is Another Twist

Balork's Evil

Okay, this is a bit of a twist on killing Balork. Yes, he will still brand you if you kill him but there is more here than meets the eye.

You can get good old Balork talking by double clicking on him and as usual, you can ask him his name and work. The difference is this time you will get your first clues about this quest from an NPC by the name of Kalastor.

Kalastor can be found in Lighthaven and is also known as the dodge guy. Yes, he also trains the dodge skill. Upon talking to him and saying Balork to him, he will ask you something to the effect of you wanting to join the forces of evil..

That's your first clue, then go to Balork and say evil to him and he is glad to hear those words. He will ask if you want to join his evil forces and to this say yes.
Upon agreeing to join him in his evil ways, he will give you a password (you get it yourself) and then tells you to go back and talk to Kalastor.