Arakas Quests

  1. Rat
    Go talk to the man in dressed in red (Samaritan) near the entrance of the Temple in Lighthaven. Say "work", then say "errand" and he will ask you to go to the dungeon under the Temple and kill 15 rats. Once you have done this, return to him and say "work", then "errand", and he will reward you with 2,500 XP.
  2. Gold (Dark Fang)
    Find Dark Fang the dragon in Lighthaven. Say "work", then "gold", and he will give you 200 gold.
  3. Tomb Raider
    Talk to Dark Fang and say "errand". After he mentions the graveyard, go to the graveyard and find the steps that go down. You will need to stay in the big room (with the dried-up fountain) for about 5 minutes or so until he appears. He is dressed like a knight with a red cape and carries a long sword. For this quest, you MUST get the kill. Not just the xp from helping. If you don’t get the kill, just wait until he comes back. Once you get the kill, go back to Dark Fang and say "tomb raider" and he will give you 2500 xp.
  4. Skull Dagger
    Go to Uranos in the Mage Tower. Say "ingredient", he will tell you he needs an ingredient and he asks you which one. You then say "decaying bat wings" OR JUST "batwings". You must be very patient. Keep trying until he gives you the Skull Dagger. It may take numerous attempts. You receive 2,500 xp along with the skull dagger.
  5. Gold (Sunrock’s Diamond)
    In Windhowl, search the chest in Sunrock’s house and find a Diamond. Take this to Lord Sunrock in the barracks and say "diamond", and he will reward you for finding it with 400 gold.
  6. Gold (Sunrock’s Report)
    You must be at least 5th level to participate in this quest. Go to Kirlor Dhul in Lighthaven, say "register". He will ask if you want to deliver a letter. Say "yes" and he will give you a letter. Here’s where you have a choice or rewards. If you go to the weapons merchant, you will get xp (6,000), and if you go to the armorer, you will get 750 gold. Choose which one you want, then go that person and say "letter". Go back to Lord Sunrock (in the Windhowl Barracks), and he'll give you the appropriate reward.
  7. Black Market
    Go to Assar (Brigand Leader in Brigand Cave) and say "work" and he will ask you to bring him a report. Get the report in Lighthaven just like the Gold (Sunrock’s Report) quest and have it filled out. But instead of taking it to Lord Sunrock, take it directly to Assar and say "report". Then he will tell you to hurry to Lord Sunrock. And they DO mean hurry. Tell Lord Sunrock "report". You will need to level up twice, then you can go back to Lord Sunrock and talk to him.   As soon as you click on him, he will accuse you.  If he does not accuse you, you haven't leveled twice yet.  Once he does, go to Assar, and say "report". Now, when he asks you if you want to chicken out, if you say "no", you will continue with getting access to the Black Market. However, if you say "yes" to chickening out, he will sell you a 'box of jewel' to give to Sunrock for 10000 gold. When you have the box, you go to Sunrock and say "merchandise" and he will give you the Chaos Sword.
    **Please note that if you drop this box, you will NOT be able to pick it back up.  You should also note that you should not do the Gold (Sunrock’s Diamond) quest after you have done this one. If you do, you will lose your access to the Black Market.
  8. Old Hermit
    Go to the Old Hermit and say "trust". Then go to Windhowl and talk to the lady by the temple and say "old hermit" three times. You’ll know you said it enough when she tells you something about trust… Say "trust" and she’ll either give a ring, or tell you that you need to kill 100 goblins. If you need to kill the goblins, go kill them and come back and say "trust" to her. Then she’ll give you a ring of trust. Go through Brigand’s Cave to the old hermit’s place and say "trust" to him and he will give you an amulet of Ironwill.
  9. Blue Potion
    Once you have found a Pink Leaf and an Apple, go to Dunkis Hornwind in the Druid Camp. Say "work" and he will make you a very potent blue healing potion (it's like 5 Life Potions).
  10. The Stone of Life
    For this quest, depending on what happens, you may need to have a diamond. Do the Gold (Sunrock’s Diamond) quest, but keep the diamond.
      Once you find the Druids/Stonehenge, go talk to the NPC's until you find a character named Yrian Earthsong. Say "Stone of Life" to him twice, then he tells you it’s been stolen by the Renegade Orc Leader,  It’s been said that you may have to wait a while, like about 10 minutes or so between tries before it works (as in, when he tells you it’s stolen).  Go to Jarko's cave in the SE corner of the third floor and he will appear in the room there near a water well. Say "Stone of Life".  He will tell you who stole it, either the troll or Assar.    Go to whoever he says stole it and say "Stone of Life".  Now you can either go to Jarko and give it to him since he said he would be interested in it (but at this point Jarko just tries to kill you), or you can go back to Yrian Earthsong and he will give you the Twisted Dagger for the Stone of Life.
  11. Book of Feylor
    If you make you way through the Labyrinth, you will find a small town. In a chest there, is a Book of Feylor (much like how you get the diamond). Lantalir Rainmist will give you a reward for returning it to him. At one point the reward was a sapphire bracelet, but this may have changed.
  12. Jarko’s Spellbook
    Go to Araknor (near the temple in Lighthave) or Lord Sunrock (in the barracks in Windhowl) and say "Jarko" and he will mention a spellbook. Go to Jarko’s cave where you will be given the option to fight him. If things go nicely, he will drop his spellbook. Pick it up and go back to Lord Sunrock and say "spellbook".    He will give you a diamond and between 400 and 800 gold after burning the spellbook.  If you give the spellbook to Araknor, he will agree to train you in the lesser drain and give you an item (for some it has been the Amulet of Ironwill, and others it's been the Ring of Darkness).
  13. Kalastor
    Go to Balork and say "evil" then "nightingale". Kalastor wants gold for protection racket. Go to Edgar and say "Kalastor" then kill him. You will get 2 sets of gold. Go and give one of them to Kalastor. Go to Balork and say "evil". He asks for password do not give it to him. Look for girl in Raven’s Dust.
  14. Yellow Powder
    To obtain the Yellow Powder you need to go to the Orc's camp and kill Araf Kul.    Once he drops the Yellow Powder, you need to take it to Lothan who will give you either a small amount of gold, the Helmet of the Healer, the Gloves of the Duelist or a staff.  If someone else has just traded with him, though, you are guaranteed to get the gold.
      Please note that to get the Yellow Powder, it can be frustrating because if someone else is there that has gotten it before, Araf will not drop it (or at least VERY rarely, as one player who said that he had killed him 40 times and was given the Yellow Powder only 7 times...).  So, if you want to get the Yellow Powder for the first time, it's a good idea to do this one alone.